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Managing Director
Alfred N. Basilicato is an entrepreneur, inventor, international traveller and public speaker. He has more than 30 years of diversified professional sales, marketing, manufacturing and management experience in the technology, manufacturing and education sectors. He has held senior management positions including President & CEO, Senior Vice President, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Technology Officer. Basilicato has had P&L responsibility along with product development, engineering, technical support, training, finance, human resources and sales and marketing.

Acquiring a company in the work out department of a major bank he refinanced the debt, organized the “buy out” of existing shareholders and restructured the company thereby setting the stage for a financial turnaround.

By investing in automation, computerization and employee education Basilicato revitalized a failing company by:
• Increasing production capacity by 200%
• Reducing lead times by 50%
• Tripling inventory turns
• Improving employee morale

He invested in and managed the process to obtain ISO 9001 certification and Lean Manufacturing certification resulting in dramatic product quality improvement, reduced process costs and a reduction in the physical plant space. 

International Sales & Marketing
Basilicato embarked on an aggressive strategy to enter the international market resulting in more than  30% of the company’s revenue generated from exports to Europe, South America, Asia and the Middle East. His efforts were recognized by local State and Federal Agencies through the various awards he received. 

Fund Raising
Basilicato pursued and received three separate grants from the Ben Franklin Technology Partnership of Pennsylvania in excess of $500K for the adaptation of existing technology and for the development of new products. 

He was responsible for developing and marketing several breakthrough innovative technologies including:
• Creating a reseller channel for the first personal computers 
• Marketing the first IBM multi-user PC for business
• Participating in introducing the Apple Mac to Fortune 500 companies
• Developed the first pen-based interactive whiteboard for education and Interactive Flip Chart for industry

B.B.A. Degree  Pubic Accounting and Management 
                    Bernard Baruch College of the City University of NY
A.A. Degree  Business Administration  
                   NYC Community College of the City University of NY

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